Are Buschbeck products available directly through the manufacturer?

No, we distribute our fireplaces exclusively through our trading and internet partners. A direct purchase via Buschbeck is not possible.

I’ve lost my instructions.

No problem, you can download your desired assembly instructions via a PDF link. We will be pleased to send you these by mail upon request.

What guarantee do I get on Buschbeck products?

We provide a two-year warranty from date of purchase.

What is the difference between a garden barbeque fireplace, garden fireplace and barbecue?

All three terms are generally applicable to the same product and are therefore equally applicable. Some products do not include wood burning. Buschbeck products with fireplaces are as a rule a grill and a fireplace in one. They offer the pleasure of a cozy, warming fireplace, as well as the aromatic barbecue with charcoal.

Are Buschbeck products produced in Germany?

All Buschbeck garden barbeque fireplaces are produced exclusively in Germany. Therefore, buyers receive a professionally manufactured product from Germany that meets the highest quality requirements.

What distinguishes Buschbeck garden barbeque fireplaces?

Buschbeck garden barbeque fireplaces are distinguished by the finished surface. In concrete terms, this means that they do not need to be painted or polished, and that the fireplace retains its noble appearance even after years of intensive use.

Is there is a hood / cover for the fireplaces?

Yes, under garden barbeque fireplaces and grill bar accessories you can find full details of all optional items.

Is official approval required for the operation of the fireplace?

General approval is not required. Please, however, always observe the legal requirements for fire protection in the respective place of residence, state, or country.

Does the fireplace require special maintenance?

Special care is not necessary.

Advantages of a Buschbeck garden barbeque fireplace

  • Double-walled construction in almost all models
  • Combustion with charcoal or wood depending on the model
  • Recognized with the GS quality seal for safety
  • No plastering or painting is necessary